What’s new and exciting

What’s new and exciting

Winter Solstice Immune-Boosting Smoothie Recipes

It’s winter solstice today, the shortest day of the year - which means more daylight is o

Color-Code Food with Your Kids, Part Three--Pink

Today, we are introducing the third and last color-coded food group--pink.

Black foods

Today, we are introducing the second color-coded food group--black. As researches have indicated, many black-colored foods can be loaded with health-promoting compounds.

Color-Code Food with Your Kids, Part One--Purple

 “My child is a picky eater.”--this is perhaps one of the most common statements we make about o

no-churn ice cream

Creamy, sweet, and slightly tart, this no-churn ice cream is a cinch to whip up and requi

Postpartum Thoughts

Disclaimer: I am only speaking from my own experience.

East Fork Ice Cream bowl

Let’s just get one thing straight: kids don’t make couples happier.

Gluten Free Lunch

Coming up with creative, healthy school lunch ideas for your kids day in and day out is e

Lotfi bag

Most mothers know the meaning of the word selfless. They know it well—almost too well.



what is lovedby community



  • Is made for busy parents who want access to high-quality, well-designed children's clothes
  • Builds communities around buying and selling thoughtfully designed, ethnically made goods for our children
  • Supports sustainability and discourages throwaway culture when something is outgrown
  • Allows sellers to select a charity to support and do social and environmental good
  • Picks-up and delivers items door-to-door so busy families don't need to go to the post office