Color-Code Food with Your Kids, Part Three--Pink

Color-Code Food with Your Kids, Part Three--Pink

Color-Code Food with Your Kids, Part Three--Pink

By Yunyi Zhang, September 15, 2018
Color-Code Food with Your Kids, Part Three--Pink

Today, we are introducing the third and last color-coded food group--pink. Just like the purple and black colored foods we introduced in our past journals, pink-colored foods are also loaded with health-promoting compounds. Pink-colored foods contain high-level of anthocyanins (the magical substance that cleans up free radicals in our bodies to help us look young and live healthier). It’s the flavonoid pigment that gives foods their pink and red hues.

Pink-colored foods are pretty common around us. Think strawberry, watermelon, beets... And if you need ideas for recipes, below is a delicious lemonade recipe created by our super talented friend, Selina.


Recipe adapted from KIMI’s Food n Table


3 lemons

8-10 strawberries

1 cup sugar




Wash and wipe the lemons really well. If the lemons are hard and unripe, I like to dunk them in boiling water for 10 seconds. Wipe it clean and cut them into thin half moon slices. It’s best to take the seeds out as they make the syrup bitter.

Wash the strawberries in running water and soak them in water for 10 mins. Take the green ends by twisting them off then cut them into four pieces. I like to keep the remaining ends intact as they help keep the strawberries in shape (without getting mush-up) even if after 2-3 days of preservation.

In a mixing bowl, add prepared lemons, strawberries with white cane sugar and mix them well with a wooden spoon until sugar starts to melt and evenly coats everything. Put the mixture in a sanitized jar and leave it in room temperature for 1 day. Keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days before making lemonade.

Served with ice cubes, homemade strawberry/lemon syrup, spritzer & mint. You can also mix it in with milk and make strawberry milk. The result is like a strawberry yogurt drink!

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