Fall '15 Brand Spotlight: Les Petits Carreaux from Paris/San Francisco

Fall '15 Brand Spotlight: Les Petits Carreaux from Paris/San Francisco

Fall '15 Brand Spotlight: Les Petits Carreaux from Paris/San Francisco

By Yunyi Zhang, September 29, 2015
Les Petits Carreaux FW15

When I discovered Les Petits Carreaux at Playtime New York in March this year, it was love at first sight. The colors, designs, and quality of the clothing were breathtaking. I even had the pleasure of meeting co-owner, Stéphanie Ross, and upon hearing more of the brand’s story, I knew I had to carry this line in our store. Designed in Paris and ethically made in San Francisco, Les Petits Carreaux is just so perfect for Ziraffe. This lovely and fairly new kids’ clothing company is run by talented working mothers who value the blend of timeless style and comfort, and we’re now very excited to feature them in our Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Let’s dive into the Les Petits Carreaux world and learn more about their background, philosophy, and style!

The Les Petits Carreaux team is a unique combination of two talented French moms living on opposite sides of the globe. Alice Shamreiz, based in Paris, spearheads the charming Les Petits Carreaux designs inspired by timeless French couture. She is a mother of three and has ten years of experience designing clothing for French fashion houses. Stéphanie Ross is based locally in the East Bay, Northern California and manages the production of the Les Petits Carreaux clothing line in San Francisco. She has one son and spent fifteen years as an Artistic and Communications Director for French fashion labels. Their shared passion for effortless and timeless clothing, extensive fashion background, and motherhood are all incredible assets in the kids fashion world.

With a bicontinental collaboration, this inspiring duo is able to blend aspects of each culture into their production. Les Petits Carreaux designs begin with high-quality, natural French fabrics used in top of the line fashion houses. With little ones in mind, super soft French cotton and chambray are particularly prevalent in this fall’s comfy and adorable collection. Out of the whole fall 2015 collection, my two favorite fabrics are displayed on the Bianca Blouse and Alienor shorts. The Bianca Blouse fabric is made out of 100% super soft cotton that feels exquisitely silky and it displays some of the key colors of the season: dark chocolate, plum and peacock blue. The stunning peacock blue Alienor Shorts, on the other hand, are made out of high-quality 100% cotton corduroy that has an incredible velvety soft touch. Together, the two items go super well together. But you can also have fun mix and matach the styles, like what we did here in our Sandbox OOTD No.1.

Beyond their wonderful fabrics, ethically made clothing is essential to Les Petits Carreaux and it is ever-present in their local production methods and long-lasting apparel. With Stéphanie Ross at the helm of their California manufacturing, the Les Petits Carreaux line focuses on small-batch production by the local San Francisco textile industry. This high attention to detail available with small-scale production creates very durable garments that can last several years of use by your rambunctious youngsters. Simply put, conscious partnerships and commitment to sustainability makes this sophisticated and sweet kids’ clothing line a very admirable company.

As far as style goes, Les Petits Carreaux easily knocks it out of the park; this isn’t your run-of-the-mill trendy brand. Their charming blouses and adorably simple dresses are picture-perfect, and I particularly love the chic French details in their clothing, like ruffled waistbands, sophisticated colors, sweet polka dot patterns, accent pleats, contrast piping, and simple cuts. 

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