Family Camping Fun

Family Camping Fun

Family Camping Fun

By Yunyi Zhang, April 23, 2015
Lennon + Wolfe

As temperatures rise and your kids’ summer break approaches, it’s time to start planning for fun family vacations! But with rambunctious little ones constantly bouncing around, it can be hard to decide upon the best kid-friendly spots to take your family. Thankfully, without fail, camping is a crowdpleaser for all ages. Get ready for tasty campfire s’mores, sleeping under the stars and some incredible nature hikes with your kiddos!

All About Car Camping

When you’re planning a camping trip with your youngsters, car camping is the best. Being able to pack extra clothes, toys, and food - just in case! - is very handy even if you don’t use everything throughout the duration of your trip. Plus, due to the unpredictability of little munchkins, it’s nice to have some flexibility with your vacation. 

Location, Location, Location!

If you’re not already aware, booking your campsite beforehand is a must. Especially in California, many family-friendly locations book up months in advance. Are you wondering where exactly you should go on your trip? With your wee ones in tow, aim for a spot that’s close to both water and trails. A lake with a nice beach can offer hours of playtime fun, such as building sandcastles, swimming, fishing, and more. Additionally, earthy trails give you tons of opportunities for exciting nature hikes. Spotting lizards, green moss and gigantic trees will bring out the bold adventurer and curious scientist in your little one! For some great west coast location ideas, take a peek at this handy guide to California’s top kid camping destinations:

Campsite Chic

While outdoor camping may be an uber messy adventure, you don’t need to sacrifice style at all. I recommend including many casual and comfy items, as well as lots of layers. A couple zip-up hoodies for the evening cool down, stretchy leggings for hanging around the campsite, lightweight tees for daytime excursions, and swimsuits are all essential for a camping trip. At the Ziraffe store, our Lennon + WolfeMimobee, and Munster Kids lines give you tons of great options for camping trip clothing. 

A family vacation is the perfect opportunity to sport matching outfits too. These comfy JoahLove keyhole dresses are the best lounging around with casual flip flops, and they’re super cute to boot! A chic solid grey looks great on mom, while a sweet popsicle graphic is so much fun for little girls.

For daddy and son, wearing matching Cool Bro Tees from JoahLove is simply adorable. These relaxed tees are the best for bonding campfire buddies!

These matching LuckyFish tees are the bees knees when it comes to the animal lovers in the family. Seals and giraffes look good on all ages and genders, and these casual tee styles are super comfortable too. Mommy and son, or daddy and daughter, can enjoy these animal tees when on any outdoor adventure!

If you’re camping with a toddler, you definitely want to include some sturdy sweats in your suitcase. This 2 piece set from JoahLove includes soft knee patches for the crawling or newly walking kiddo. Cool, casual, and very comfy, this is the ultimate toddler outfit when camping!  

Activities & Toys

Two words: durable and washable! Camping is inevitably dirty, so try to leave all cloth toys behind (if you can). BPA free recycled plastic and wooden toys can be easily wiped and washed clean when you return home. Buckets and shovels by GreenToysMelissa & Doug wooden trains and shapes, and the like, will certainly keep your little ones happy and make the cleanup so very easy. (Image to the left is from Green Toys® Sand Play Set)

For fun activities, Tattly temporary tattoos are awesome during camping trips. Show off your love for nature by displaying your favorite animal on your arm or leg! Kids and parents alike love these easy, safe, and fun accessories. 

For afternoon entertainment or bedtime in the tent, good books are a necessity. For your youngsters, make sure you pack a variety of nature inspired stories, such as these wonderful ones by Home Grown Books.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

The bond that families build through the camping experience is priceless. A summer camping trip gives your whole family the opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer and fully enjoy each other's company in a very casual, rustic, and comfortable setting. Picking a fun campsite location, packing stylish camp-friendly clothes, and planning the best activities will no doubt ensure a successful family vacation that you’ll want to repeat for many years to come!

Do you love camping too? Share with us your favorite family camping tips and ideas in the comment section, and don’t forget to tag ziraffe_store in any camping pictures of your youngsters rocking a Ziraffe outfit!

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