Fitness for A Happy Mommy!

Fitness for A Happy Mommy!

Fitness for A Happy Mommy!

By Yunyi Zhang, May 22, 2015
Fitness for a happy mommy

As a parent, finding a moment to exercise is a tricky dilemma. We dedicate our lives to nurturing and spending quality time with our sweet littles ones and we end up with very few extra hours in the day. It’s just far too easy for self care to go out the window!

But when we don’t get any movement during the day, we’re left with very little oomf. This can translate into grumpy, unhappy, and low energy mamas, with the quality of life plummeting for the whole family. Yikes!

Best ways to get moving

Thankfully, we’re very fortunate to live in an era when there are so many different types of exercise available, and that includes fitness for parents and families. Let’s discuss three awesome options for busy moms:

Take advantage of the great outdoors

The sky’s the limit when exercising outdoors. While pushing your little one in the stroller you can take a quick walk in your neighborhood, explore a new park on the other side of town, or check out a fun trail by the water. The benefits are twofold: your kiddo will love the adventure and you’ll get moving!

Bringing your youngster to class

Yoga with your baby may sound slightly strange, but trust me: it’s the bee’s knees. These forward thinking yoga studios encourage all parents to bring their little munchkins into class. In particular, poses are altered to include your child in the workout. With young toddlers and babies, this can involve your wee one simply enjoying mama's company and direction while you hold downward dog or tree pose.

Studios with built-in childcare

Looking for something a little more strenuous and kid free? No problem! There are plenty of awesome gyms and studios that offer childcare for their members while they participate in classes. This option lets you give your full attention to your body while exercising and your son or daughter can enjoy some solid playtime with other kiddos.  

The wonderful benefits of fitness

When we prioritize and fit in some movement into our daily lives, something incredible happens. Lovely little neuropeptides, called endorphins, get released during and after exercise and they have the best benefits: improving your mood, diminishing pain, reducing stress, and boosting up your mojo. It really revitalizes both your mind and body!

In short, exercise is immensely beneficial to your overall wellbeing as an individual and as a family. So this week, I encourage you to squeeze in a little bit of movement with one of the exercise ideas above. Stretch those stiff muscles and get the blood pumping!

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