Getting Ready for Summer!

Getting Ready for Summer!

Getting Ready for Summer!

By Yunyi Zhang, May 29, 2015
Swimsuits from PopUpShop

I can already smell the familiar sunscreen scent, feel the warmth of the hot sidewalk underneath my sandals, and hear the sweet sound of outdoor playtime giggles. Summer is right around the corner! Let’s get ready for this fun time of year with awesome summertime activity ideas and essentials for your little ones.

Homemade summertime treats

Summer isn’t complete without some cold and tasty sweet treats! But instead of rushing out the door when the ice cream truck is cruising down the street, get your little ones involved with making some delicious homemade frozen popsicles.

First, take your little one down the fresh produce aisle and pick out his/her favorite fruits to include in their popsicles. As an option, you can grab some organic yogurt and juice to include as well. For some ideas, here are my favorite combinations: strawberry/watermelon, blueberry/yogurt, coconut/pineapple, and lemon/cucumber.

Second, after choosing your ingredients, begin chopping up 2 cups of your chosen fruit on a cutting board. Depending on the age of your kiddo, he/she can help with light chopping or peeling of oranges, bananas, etc.

Mix your chopped fruit ingredients in a bowl and make sure to include any accumulated juice on the cutting board. Add in 1 cup of liquid (juice, water, or yogurt) to the bowl. If you choose juice, I recommend diluting it with half water.

Next, pour your popsicle mixture into simple popsicle molds. Depending on the size of your molds, this should yield roughly 6-8 popsicles. Lastly, let your popsicles freeze overnight and voila! You now have fresh, tasty, and healthy sweet treats for you and your kids to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Pssst: don’t forget to have your little one sport a JoahLove popsicle tee while crafting these refreshing summer popsicles!

Clothing essentials

Speaking of hot weather attire, we all want to be stylish and cool in the summer. In particular, lightweight fabric is an excellent summertime option for our energetic fashionistas and little dudes. Look for 100% cotton, chambray, or linen to keep your kiddos both cool and happy.

When it comes to styles, sundresses are a total necessity when it’s really heating up outside. The sweet designs by Anthem of Ants, like this Canyon Brocade dress, will surely enchant your little girly girl on a nice sunny day. 

For boys, casual shorts and lightweight tops are a must in the summer. The Colby tank from Lennon + Wolfe is breathable and super comfy which makes it perfect for warm and sunny days. Pair that top with the drawstring jacquard shorts from Fore!! Axel and Hudson for an effortless and chic summer look.

For all water activities, you’ll need a great go-to swimsuit for your youngster. For girls, pick a sassy and fierce swimsuit such as the parrot and tiger styles by PopUpShop.


For little guys, these rebellious and edgy swim trunks by Munster are perfect for awesome cannonballs off the diving board or swimming in the lake. 

Other than clothing, there are a couple accessories that you’ll definitely want on hand before the start of summer. Make sure you have a chic hat, solid pair of sunglasses, and comfortable sandals to go with your little one’s summertime attire!

Water fun

Splish, splash! Cool water activities are pretty much mandatory when it comes to those hot summer months. It’s always exciting, refreshing, and oh so fun for the whole family. For a quick and easy water activity, plugging in a hose sprinkler on your lawn can provide hours of hot weather relief and outdoor enjoyment. This is an excellent choice for most locations except for the very parched California. For fellow residents in our drought ridden state or for family outing ideas, there are a couple other alternatives.

First, seek out a nice public or private pool near your home. Belonging to a neighborhood pool is a simple way to integrate water fun into your summer schedule. Lifeguards are always on the premises for your peace of mind and safety, your kiddos can enjoy scheduled swim classes, and everyone benefits from clean facilities.

For those looking for more natural water sources, seeking out a closeby lake, ocean beach, or river waterfall can be a lovely family adventure. This can be a sweet escape from city or suburban life and your munchkins will surely love the change of scenery. 

Bring on the heat!

Taking a break from school is a magical couple of months for kids. There are endless hours available for play dates, summer camps, and the best hot weather fun for the whole family. So go ahead: bask in the sun and enjoy making some sweet summer memories with your youngsters!

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