Holiday '17 Creative Mompreneur Interview Series #2 - Elyse & Ashley from Bravery

Holiday '17 Creative Mompreneur Interview Series #2 - Elyse & Ashley from Bravery

Holiday '17 Creative Mompreneur Interview Series #2 - Elyse & Ashley from Bravery

By Yunyi Zhang, December 14, 2017
Holiday '17 Creative Mompreneur Interview Series #2 - Elyse & Ashley from Bravery

If you haven’t heard about Bravery magazine, you are seriously missing out on some awesomeness. It’s a quarterly magazine for kids featuring real, brave women doing real, brave things. What’s more - it was founded by two moms who are passionate about empowering children through stories of other brave women. Their Kickstarter campaign of the magazine was fully funded in under three days! BRAVO!!

We could not be more thrilled to carry Bravery’s magazine in our shop! Here is our recent interview of the founders -

What inspired you to start Bravery?

Both of us had different experiences with our daughters that made us realize how important it is that they have access to strong female role models in their lives. One of our daughters idolized princesses but had this idea in her head that princesses couldn’t be brave. The other daughter was told a tiny bit about Rosie the Riveter and was obsessed with being strong and building planes like Rosie after learning about her. These two experiences helped us realize how lacking strong female role models are in society and that kids latch onto these real stories of real women doing brave things. Our idea for Bravery was born!

We know that you are good friends in life, we are wondering what is your working relationship like?

Our friendship has helped our working relationship immensely and we work really well together. Somehow we are opposites in almost everything, but it makes for a pretty well-balanced team. Ashley's the dreamer, while Elyse keeps us grounded. Ashley handles the visual/design side of things while Elyse does the writing. We know each other and trust each other, but we’ve found that we both have a tendency to let our work life bleed over into everything else and sometimes it feels like that’s all we ever talk about.  We’ve found that creating our own schedules and some guidelines for each other is helpful. We split responsibilities evenly and try to email questions and to-do’s instead of texting them (we would be texting about work all day long). We also make sure that sometimes we do things together that aren’t about work – it takes the stress off of our friendship and reminds us that we are friends first, business partners second.

What are some of the challenges you face on a daily basis as mom-entrepreneurs?

We both struggle with figuring out the balance between work life and taking care of our kids. We both work from home and don’t have childcare, so you can imagine how crazy our days can be -- we have five kids 5 and under between the two of us! We are still learning how to turn work off. We’re always squeezing work into nap times and in between school schedules. Usually we’re knee-deep in something and have to switch gears to make lunch, solve an argument, or just give some much-needed attention. Running a startup from home is difficult and we always struggle with finding ways to spend quality, undistracted time with our children, getting the work done that we need to, and taking care of things around the house.Needless to say, our houses are a disaster and our kids eat cold cereal a lot!

What are some of your favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit with your kids?

The holidays are full of fun things to do, but we both agree that doing giving rather than receiving makes the holidays what they are. We like to focus on small ways each day that we can serve others – having an advent calendar that the kids look forward to each day has been a great way to include the kids. We also like to have our kids try to think outside of themselves -  we ask them to think of a gift their siblings would really love and then let them wrap and give it to them so they can experience the feeling of giving.

Since the Holidays are fast approaching and we’d like to help make your Holiday shopping more fun, hop over to Bravery’s Instagram feed and look for #ziraffediscount to collect the special coupon code for an extra 20% off your next order with us.

Happy Holidays!

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