It’s Time to Show Yourself Some Mother’s Day Love

It’s Time to Show Yourself Some Mother’s Day Love

It’s Time to Show Yourself Some Mother’s Day Love

By Renee Frojo, May 12, 2018
Lotfi bag

Most mothers know the meaning of the word selfless. They know it well—almost too well.

When you become a mother, you alway have to put another little human's needs before your own. You have to feed them when they’re hungry, tend to them when they’re sleepy and give them the attention they need to thrive. They don’t care if you haven’t slept, bathed, or eaten a sit-down meal in days. They just need you, and they need you now. Like right now.

As kids get older, they don’t get any less needy. Their needs simply change. And you’re still in charge of making sure everything is taken care of. You’re the one packing the lunch bags and organizing the playdates. You’re the one cleaning running noses and tending to scraped knees. You’re the who’s keeping it all together. But are you keeping it together?

If you’re always taking care of someone else and never taking the time to take care of yourself, chances are you’re going to burn out.

Mother’s Day, which is coming up, is a day when everyone else is supposed to take care of you, for a change, and acknowledge all that you do. But, in this world of mothers as martyrs, that typically doesn’t happen the way it should. Maybe the kids will cook you breakfast, but you’ll probably have to clean up the kitchen afterwards. Or maybe they’ll take you out to brunch, but you’ll still be the one making sure the snacks are packed before getting out the door.

How about this year, instead of figuring how your family can take care of you, you just focus on yourself. You’re probably the best person for the job, anyway.

Being selfless isn’t doing anyone any good if you lose sight of yourself and the things that make you happy. Not showering, not taking time to eat a meal, not shopping for yourself doesn’t make you a better mother, it just makes you a less whole version of yourself.

Self care doesn’t have to mean spending the day at the spa (though that would be nice), it could just means taking time to do the little things that make you happy and whole, like going on a walk, turning off your phone, taking a bath, or even just enjoying a cup of coffee uninterrupted. Simply take time to let you love yourself so deeply that you don’t have to go seeking it from others.

So, go ahead. Treat yo’ self this year. Go out. Go to the spa. Go on a walk all by your wonderful self. Buy yourself something nice, something that will make you feel good.

Here are some recommendations and goodies from our shop and beyond to give yourself something you truly love (and most definitely deserve).

Mother’s Day Gifts to Treat Yourself

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