Mother’s Day: Relax & Recharge!

Mother’s Day: Relax & Recharge!

Mother’s Day: Relax & Recharge!

By Yunyi Zhang, May 7, 2015
Mother's Day

A mother’s work is neverending. From eating to safety to entertainment, our little ones rely on us for everything and more! While motherhood is one of the best gifts, it is simultaneously one of the most draining responsibilities and it’s important for us to carve out some time to recharge. Therefore, in honor of upcoming Mother’s Day, all of us mamas should take a moment (or two!) for ourselves. Here are some helpful ideas that will let you customize your very own mommy retreat: 

Pampering at the spa

Nothing screams rejuvenation more than a trip to the spa! Massage is personally my favorite spa treatment. With a little lavender essential oil and a talented masseuse, your muscles will be soothed and your mind will be in an uber dreamy state that is far away from tutus and sandboxes. Keep in mind that massage isn’t just incredibly relaxing during those blissful 60 minutes, but its effects go beyond the massage table. Massage releases endorphins that perk up your mood for the day, calms your mind, and, overall, will help lower your stress levels.

Massage not your deal? No problem. A facial, mani-pedi, or simply a soak in the tub will also provide you with some much needed downtime.  

Quiet your mind

It’s important to quiet our minds from the stressors of daily life. Carving out even just 15 minutes a day to meditate, in any way that suits you, can boost your mental and physical energy significantly. Here are some ideas to help tailor your mommy-only time:

  1. Music therapy: Soothing instrumental music without lyrics is most common for unwinding, but it’s totally different for everyone. So put on your favorite tunes and let your mind float with the beats!

  2. Escape reading: There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good book. Engrossing text, compelling plots, and complex characters can temporarily take you into a whole other world! Now, don’t think this temporary “escape” is a negative thing at all. This form of entertainment is a very healthy way to recharge.

  3. Sipping a tasty drink: Savoring a delicious cup of tea, a crafted coffee drink or a lovely glass of wine is a sensory experience all moms can appreciate. We’re often eating on the go and focusing more on filling our youngsters’ tummies rather than our own, so taking a moment to appreciate a tasty drink is a wonderful experience. Go a little further by pairing your drink with a luxurious bar of chocolate and you’ll be in heaven!

  4. Quiet location: Removing yourself from the distractions and chaos of daily life is vital when carving out “you” time. If the weather is nice, find a spot outside in a garden or a nice patch of grass. If staying inside is your only option, pick a place that is quiet and has a lock! While we adore our little munchkins, it’s very important to separate them from this special mommy-only time.

  5. Cuddle up: A little tactile experience is incredibly soothing on its own. Curling up with a silky pillow and a soft cashmere blanket can whisk you away to dreamland in no time. Ah, the simple pleasures in life! 

Happy mommy, healthy mommy

As we take this time to rejuvenate, not only will we have more mental space and energy for our little ones, but we’ll be much happier and healthier individuals. It’s just like the lovely Lucille Ball proclaimed, "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." Preach!

So go ahead: customize your mommy-only time to your liking, make sure daddy is all set with the kiddos, and get ready to relax!

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