Spring's Sweet Inspiration: Art & Fashion

Spring's Sweet Inspiration: Art & Fashion

Spring's Sweet Inspiration: Art & Fashion

By Yunyi Zhang, May 14, 2015
Wayne Thiebaud's Four Ice Cream Cones

It’s the middle of May and there’s a springtime sweetness in the air. With Mother’s Day weekend just passing, I’m reveling in the wonderful sentiments of the holiday and all that’s involved in the season: pretty pastels, fragrant blossoms, happy birds chirping, and so much more. These simple springtime pleasures are invigorating!

Artist spotlight: Wayne Thiebaud’s sweet paintings

I’ve always been very inspired by the works of the American painter Wayne Thiebaud. He is best known for his vibrant depictions of commonplace objects during the pop art movement in the 60s and 70s. In particular, his paintings of sugary treats and desserts evoke the warmth of spring/summer and the childlike sweet tooth in all of us. 

Wayne Thiebaud, "Four Ice Cream Cones," 1964, oil on canvas, 14 x 16 in. (35.6 x 40.6 cm). Collection of Phoenix Art Museum, Museum purchase - COMPAS Funds. Photo by Ken Howie / Art (c) Wayne Thiebaud / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY         

He uses softly textured brush strokes, vibrant pigment, exaggerated colors and uniquely bright shadows to artfully elicit the delightful flavors of these sweets. I’m so mesmerized by it! Sometimes when I get caught up in the busy routine of daily life, I forget to appreciate the simple things. Thiebaud's paintings are a reminder of how lovely and satisfying it is to take a moment for myself, such as enjoying a slice of cake in the spring sunlight. There’s nothing quite like savoring a sugary treat on a warm day, am I right?

Inspiration in the Ziraffe store: popsicles, bon bons and cupcakes!

In the same vein as these enchanting pieces of art, clothing and accessories can inspire the joy and innocent energy of spring and summer. At Ziraffe, we carry some great items that have this sweet effect: 

The charming popsicle graphics by JoahLove, in dress and t-shirt form, are perfect for the carefree summer vibe. They are so fun and refreshing! 

Adding a sweet hair accessory, like this Bon Bon Clip by HelloShiso, is the icing on the cake. It's perfect for your girly girl to clip her hair back on a sunny day while also revealing an adorable confectionery design.

Showing off cute and colorful Tattly temporary tattoos on sun-kissed skin will surely rock your youngsters’ summer. This Party Set includes some awesome party necessities for this time of year, such as swirly cupcakes and bright big balloons.

Enjoying the season

Celebrating the sweet nature of the season can be so fun for you and your little ones, whether it’s with inspired attire or a spontaneous outing. As the weather warms up, take your kiddos out for a tasty ice cream cone on a sunny afternoon or bask in the bright colors and scents of the springtime flowers.  

Ray Bradbury sums up this lighthearted attitude in Farewell Summer: "I never in my life argued with a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream." With this silly yet profound statement, he reminds us that we often take everyday pleasures for granted. After all, these sweet and simple things always bring joy into our lives! 



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