Tips for building the best wardrobe for your little one

Tips for building the best wardrobe for your little one

Tips for building the best wardrobe for your little one

By Yunyi Zhang, April 16, 2015
Lennon + Wolfe & JoahLove & LuckyFish & Tattly

Growing youngsters means a growing wardrobe. Building up nice collection of mix and match clothes allows your imaginative kids limitless opportunities to express their distinctive personalities at any age. Don’t know where to start? Putting together the perfect mix and match wardrobe is easy peasy by following these 6 guidelines:

1. Form Follows Function

Our youngsters love to play in the sand, run in the park and expend boundless amounts of energy. This exuberance for life should most certainly be reflected in their clothing. Colors and prints that can handle some dirt, soft and stretchy fabrics, and relaxed-fit clothing are necessary for our kids be happy with what they’re wearing and doing. Form follows function means just that: the form of clothing should be made in a way that is conducive to the activity. When my son Liam is exploring in the park, I make sure to dress him in breathable & soft cotton so he’ll be comfortable in his adventures. Because grass stains and mud are inevitable, I also like to pick tops and bottoms with simple visual patterns and low maintenance/easy to clean fabrics. No dry cleaning for this mom!

2. Neutral Hues

Don’t think that neutral means dull or boring! Clothing with neutral hues, such as grey, beige, black, etc, serves as a grounding part of an outfit. These colors are classic and allow your kids to spice up their look with other bold colors, prints, or fabrics. Case in point, this sage tank top from Lennon + Wolfe is a modern and solid choice to pair with the comfy Mimobee perfect legging in black and the cropped sweat in silver grey. These basics are incredibly versatile, so go ahead and stock up. These neutral colors give your little ones endless outfit possibilities!

3. Primary Colors

Girly girls adore their pink dresses and cool little dudes dig their light blue polos! Muted primary colors, like those, add some variety in your kid’s wardrobe. Even in simple styles, these colors express your little one’s bright personality. Sporting some chic brown boots and a stylin’ top knot, Madison loves wearing her cute pink Ondine shirt dress by Lennon + Wolfe!  

4. Denim and Chambray

Our favorite springtime essential, chambray, has completely stolen our hearts. It’s a lightweight fabric, classic soft blue color, and a chic wardrobe staple. Just like with denim, this fabric goes with absolutely everything! Grab some stretchy leggings to pair with a simple chambray shirt dress or some rebellious sweatpants to complement a classic button-down chambray top. Similarly, jeans can anchor an outfit, giving your little one flexibility with the rest of what he/she is wearing. 

5. Fun Graphics and Patterns

Have fun with stripes and polka dots! These simple and straightforward patterns are sweet, very flattering on kids, and totally flexible. This dye striped blue tee with casual grey distressed shorts puts together a cool look for an easygoing dude. The adjacent striped dress with a drawstring waist is super cute on its own and also with some spunky sandals or sneakers. 

For polka dots, we like to pair this darling pattern with fun solid colors. These charming dotsy leggings sweetens up a relaxed outfit with a basic tee in pink. 

This bold word tee by JoahLove is my favorite example of a fun graphic. It’s simple, cool, and the perfect statement for your hip kid. Plus, it goes with anything casual, like the uber soft crossover hoodie and the casual grey distressed shorts.

6. Accessorize

When you’re putting an outfit together, don’t forget to accessorize! Accessories, such as temporary tattoos, hair clips, and shoe bling, give you even more flexibility with your look. These are simple and bold statement items that are easily interchangeable from outfit to outfit.

At Ziraffe, we offer some super exciting accessory options from Tattly, HelloShiso and Bex:

At Ziraffe, we offer some super exciting accessory options from Tattly, HelloShiso and Bex:

Temporary Tattoos

Putting on a Tattly temporary tattoo is a creative and fun way for your little one to safely decorate his/her skin. Choose from ferocious dinosaurs, sparkly diamonds, sweet popsicles and more! As you see in this pic, Liam and I had so much fun rocking our matching rainbow tattoos for the day. 

Hair Clips

For girls who love to change up their hair styles, HelloShiso clips are a must. This shiny heart hair clip is simple, eye-catching, and charming. 

Shoe Bling

Shoe accessories, like the Bex shoe bling, make any outfit fearless. Small superhero logos fit perfectly onto sneakers, so your little one can sport them while running all over the playground. Your comic book obsessed kid won’t want to take them off. 

Bottom line, these type of interchangeable accessories add a personal touch to your youngster’s overall look. They’re effortless, adorable, and fun to wear!

Go ahead, mix and match to your heart’s desire!

When assembling a collection of these 6 mix and match wardrobe staples, remember that fashionable youngsters don’t ever need to sacrifice comfort for style. Frankly, we believe those two things go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Clothing that’s soft, adorable, chic, and versatile will keep your kids very happy and will always be the best choice for any adventure!

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