What’s new and exciting

What’s new and exciting

Swimsuits from PopUpShop

I can already smell the familiar sunscreen scent, feel the warmth of the hot sidewalk und

Fitness for a happy mommy

As a parent, finding a moment to exercise is a tricky dilemma.

Mother's Day

A mother’s work is neverending.


Time to dust away those winter cobwebs and get your rugrat’s closet in tip top shape!

Lennon + Wolfe

As temperatures rise and your kids’ summer break approaches, it’s time to start planning

Lennon + Wolfe

We love hand picking the best items of the season for your wee ones to wear and, this spring, we’ve gathered a marvelous selection of items made with our favorite springtime fabric: chambray.


Pretty party dresses, cuddly bunnies, and Easter eggs….oh my! Our favorite spring holiday is coming up and we’re hopping right into the Easter spirit.


We go bananas when we see hear about an upcoming pop-up shop. These temporary in-person storefronts are both hip and cutting edge, plus they offer the best unique new products.


what is lovedby community



  • Is made for busy parents who want access to high-quality, well-designed children's clothes
  • Builds communities around buying and selling thoughtfully designed, ethnically made goods for our children
  • Supports sustainability and discourages throwaway culture when something is outgrown
  • Allows sellers to select a charity to support and do social and environmental good
  • Picks-up and delivers items door-to-door so busy families don't need to go to the post office