Brand Guidelines

Ziraffe is a premier children's boutique, focused on empowering kids through minimalist, fun, and chic design.  Ziraffe LovedBy_Community™ is our new innovative platform designed for sustainability, fun, and building up kids and communities. Here are some quick guidelines to assist you when writing about our brand.  


Please do not stretch, alter, or edit our logo in any way. Although written “Ziraffe” has a capital Z, the logo has all lowercase lettering; “ziraffe.”

For color palette (HEX code) and fonts, please refer to our Brand Standards document.


  • LovedBy_Community™ should always include an underscore and ™

  • Capitalize all first letters

  • Capitalize the Z in Ziraffe


Our brand is empowering, fun, environmentally conscious, and imaginative. We aim to connect families, build communities, and make it easy for parents to sell their new or gently-loved items to the next family.


The tone of our communications is always helpful, encouraging, and inquisitive. The core of Ziraffe is innovation, and that comes from constantly learning and adapting--just like the most successful children and families.

Our tone is:

  • Friendly

  • Inquisitive

  • Inviting

  • Fun

  • Personal

  • Creative

Guest Blogs

We’re happy to have guest writers on our blog and you can contact us at to get the process started. In the same way that we like to develop personal relationships with all the brands we carry, we want to build a connection with our writers too, so you can expect a phone call or some emails back and forth if we work together. Please limit your blog submissions to 700 words maximum, be sure to include a brief bio and links for your social channels or personal blog, and attach a high resolution photograph for your bio image. We look forward to hearing from you!

what is lovedby community



  • Is made for busy parents who want access to high-quality, well-designed children's clothes
  • Builds communities around buying and selling thoughtfully designed, ethnically made goods for our children
  • Supports sustainability and discourages throwaway culture when something is outgrown
  • Allows sellers to select a charity to support and do social and environmental good
  • Picks-up and delivers items door-to-door so busy families don't need to go to the post office