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Based out of Stuttgart, Germany, Macarons is an avant-garde fashion brand characterized by unique and expressively modern designs. They blend modern innovation, old-world charm, and incredible textile craftsmanship to create timeless clothes for kids and adults alike that are 100% organic, toxic free, and the highest quality. Macarons clothes are made to last.

Macarons works with small, local, family led manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland. They use pure organic new Merino wool and pure organic long-staple cotton that are free of any chemicals or artificial supplements. They oversee every single step of the process from the spinning of the yarns to the finished pieces, resulting in super soft and durable pieces that everyone loves to wear.  

To learn more about the family and philosophies behind the brand, check out the recent Ziraffe interview.

All proceeds from items that Macarons sells on LBC will be donated to International Child Art Foundation.

LovedBy_™ items from Macarons

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what is lovedby community



  • Is made for busy parents who want access to high-quality, well-designed children's clothes
  • Builds communities around buying and selling thoughtfully designed, ethnically made goods for our children
  • Supports sustainability and discourages throwaway culture when something is outgrown
  • Allows sellers to select a charity to support and do social and environmental good
  • Picks-up and delivers items door-to-door so busy families don't need to go to the post office